How can I pay for my order?
For the time being we only accept PAYPAL for international payments only. If you don't have a Payapl account it is very easy to create one and is one of the safest payment options. Just enter the following link with your email and a password and link the account with your credit card information. Afterwords you will pay using ONLY your email address and we won't have your credit card information. Also all transactions are 100% refundable by Paypal if you don't receive the order.


How much will I pay for the delivery of my order?
International order above 85 US Dollars are free worldwide. For more information regarding delivery costs you can enter our section DELIVERY COSTS

Which company will deliver my order?
All international orders are delivered by DHL door to door service.

Are there any extra charge for receiving my order in my country?
Some countires has internal customs fees that are not covered by BUDETEX and has to be paid by the customer locally. Please check with your customs regulations before placing the order as to avoid unpleasent suprises. For example, in the US all orders below 800 US Dolars can be imported without any extra custom fees. But not every country has the same import regulations/restrictions. As for customs purposes, our PicaPau cotton yarn has the following customs codification: 5207.10.9000.
Budetex SAS is not by anyway responsible for such extra charges and won't refund the money of the order if it has been alredy delivered.

How long does it take to receive my order?
For international orders, we take between 3 - 4 days to prepare the order and arrange the pick up by FedEx. Transit time is then about 7 to 10 days to any part of the world..

Can I replace my order once received?
International order does not have replacements. Of course that if you receive an order that is not what you purchased we will refund the money for such articles.

Does Yan Schenkel sell the yarns directly?
Pica Pau Yarns are a Joint Venture between Budetex and designer Yan Schenkel. All wholesale is done exclusively worldwide by Budetex. For any inquiry please contact us at

Where is Budetex located?
Budetex is an Argentinan company and its HQ are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All our yarns are 100% Argentinian as well.